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Point-On Archery Club is an S3DA Student archery program in Catawaba SC. We are devoted to getting kids outside and into nature. We train archers of all ages to compete in local 3D tournaments also regional and national tournaments as well.
We aim to recruit new archers and reactivate their parents' love of archery and to introduce them to the many different disciplines of archery through competition. We also work to promote the idea of hunting or even fishing with a bow and arrow. Our goal is to retain archers into their golden years through proper training that will help to minimize injuries and prolong their shooting careers.
Our Coaches
Jonas is a level 2 S3da Coach and a Level 2 USA Archery Instructor who is currently working on obtaining his Level 3 NTS Coach certification with USA Archery. Jonas has been an avid archer since his teens and loves sharing his passion for archery with others. Both of his children are members of Point-On Archery and have been since it began. His wife Debra also loves to come to shoot when she can and participate. Jonas and Debra are both members of the Point-On Archery Board.
Chris is a level 1 S3da Coach and is working on achieving his level 1 and 2 USA Archery instructor certifications. He has been shooting Archery off and on since he was 18. Both his sons are also members of Point-On archery since the beginning. Chris's wife April also began shooting archery last year. Chris and April are both members of the Point-On Archery Board
Unlike most sports and Activities we do not have a set facility to practice in. While our primary practice location is at Penny Family Farm in Catawaba, SC, we like to move around and go to different locations to practice. This allows more of a challenge for the archers. We have secured land nearby to build our own 3d course. But we do try to travel to support local 3D clubs by training during the weekly local 3D club shoots. We have been blessed with the support of Fort Mill Bow Hunter Club in Fort Mill, SC and have at times held practice there. Our practices at the farm we use to work on form, skills, and drills. We are working on getting an indoor facility that can be used during inclement weather and during the winter when the days are shorter. We try to be outside for practice as much as possible as that is the most enjoyable place to practice archery.


4655 Cureton Ferry Rd

Catawba SC 29704

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