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Man Doing Archery

Chris Penny

  • Level 1 Coach, S3DA
  • USA Archery Levels 2 Instructor 

Chris began shooting archery when he was young. After being reintroducted to the sport with his family a few years ago, Chris is now a level 1 S3da Coach and is a certified level 2 USA Archery instructor. Both his sons are also original founding members of the Point-On Archery team. Chris's wife April also began shooting archery a few years ago, and both are members of the Point-On Archery Board. 

Chris says he has grown to love the sport of archery and enjoys coaching as much as he enjoys shooting. He actively competes at both local and national levels in both ASA and USA Archery, as well as many local fun shoots. "My goal is to pass on the skills and knowledge I have learned to young archers in hope that some day they will share the sport with others."

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