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2021 3D Season Coach Christ #2

Hello Everyone, I want to start by saying the sun and warmer weather is a welcome sight as we begin our 3D season. As you all know we are training for the 3D season at practices. Dont worry if you are struggling it is a hard transition to go from indoor to 3D and this is why we practice each week. One of the reasons Coach Jonas, Coach Will and Myself are breaking up practices some more is as our club grows we want to make sure that we are able to work with each of you on what you need and by having practices split up some this will help allow us to work with all of you more effectively. We also want to make sure that you all get a chance to work together as a group so that you can help each other. Each of our archers brings something special to the table and we want to make sure that you all get to share with others and be a part of the team. Even though Archery seems like it is a Solo Sport it is very team oriented and is actually a team sport. being part of the team allows for encouragement and growth and helps encourage others on your team as well. For the Middle and High School Students we are would like each of you to come to the workshops offered but also understand that you may not be able to make all of them and that is ok. These work shops are designed to help you as you progress in archery. For the elementary Students we will be doing some small things similar to what we have planned for the older archers but will have it designed with you in mind. One of the best things you can do this time of year is Practice, Practice, Practice. Get outside and shoot as much as possible but remember dont just keep shooting at the same yardage all the time its good to be consistent but you also have to remember no target you will shoot in 3D is exactly the same. we purchase and supply the 3D targets so that you know what you will be shooting at when at tournaments, but even if you dont have a 3D target at home there are things you can work on with just a range bag.

  1. stance. Be sure you are standing they way we taught you and have good form.

  2. anchor. Be sure that you are coming to anchor consistently. you can even use your string bow to practice this

  3. Aiming. Be sure that you Aim Take your time and be sure you are stopped and aimed properly Dont rush

  4. release. Be sure that your release is smooth and that you are releasing the same way every time.

  5. follow through. Be sure that when you are working on release as you pull back with your arm to release you allow your arm to pull back fully and that you hold your bow up until your arrow hits its target.

When practicing things to think about where do I have to aim at a certain distance or what pin do I need to use?

Change the distance you are shooting from use odd distances. For Example( 23yards, 17yards, 13yards) this will allow you to be prepared for different shots and make a mental note of where you had to aim to get the arrow to go where you wanted it. Did you use a certain pin, or did you have to gap shoot. did you have to aim high or low to Make that shot. Lastly if you are having an issue with equipment, or aiming come speak to one of the coaches so that we can help you we cant fix a problem if we don't know about it. We are here to help you become a better archer but we need your help as much as you need ours to make this happen.

Coach Chris

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