Thank you for your interest in our US Archery NTS level 1 and 2 Class. Our class will be held March 27th and 28th at Point-On Archery Club Located at 4655 Cureton Ferry Rd, Catawaba, SC 29704. The Course will be held over 2 days. Day one will be a US Archery level 1 class which will teach basic NTS training and prepare you to handle beginner students as well as an over view of range safety and protocal. On Day 2 we will discuss the NTS Training system in more detail and begin laying the foundations of instruction for teams and running a safe and effective program. There will be both classroom instruction as well as hands on training in which you will be instructing the class to help develop your own teaching skills. 

NTS Level 1 and 2 Class



    4655 Cureton Ferry Rd

    Catawba SC 29704

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