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Our club is filled with dedicated student athletes that are able to cope with issues beyond their control, including the additional challenges posed by Covid-19.  Our team strives for excellence on and off the course and looks forward to competing both locally on the national level.   



Point-On Archery club is a nonprofit S3DA and USA Archery student program in Catawba, SC. We are devoted to the idea that young people thrive best mentally, physically and emotionally when they have access to positive mentoring, are empowered to succeed through clear goal-setting and achievement opportunities, are motivated to develop personal self-discipline and physical literacy, and are enabled to participate in healthy outdoor activity and conservancy.

We train archers of all ages to compete in local and national 3D, indoor and field archery tournaments, and aim to recruit new archers who may have no prior experience with the sport so that they can learn principles of safety and proper training.  We also strive to reactivate parents’ love of archery in order to foster multi-generational connection and communication.  Our ultimate goal is to retain archers who will understand the benefits of both target archery and responsible bowhunting and bowfishing for conservation and stewardship, and who will translate their positive experience with the practice of archery into lifelong patterns for increased mental clarity, focus, goal-setting and success.

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