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S3DA is a nationwide organization for young archers from 5-18. They encourage youth archers to compete in 3 different categories: Field Archery, 3D Archery, and Indoor Archery. Each is a unique discipline and offers different challenges for all archers to compete, whether they are beginners or advanced. S3DA accommodates multiple classes for both recurve and compound bows. Each competitor is grouped with similar ages and classes to ensure competition is fair. The high school division also provides scholarships that can be used for post-secondary higher education, with awards offered at both the state and national level of competition. S3DA competitions draw youth archers together from all over South Carolina, as well as the United States.

USA Archery JOAD


USA Archery offers an additional level of competition, allowing archers to compete beyond their elementary and secondary educational years into their college careers. This allows our athletes they opportunity to try out for the Junior Olympics, with the potential to earn a spot to represent the US in the Junior Olympics or as a member of the US Archery Team and compete on the world stage at World Archery Events Internationally.


 Explore Archery Program


Our Explore Archery program is a wonderful way for younger siblings and friends to try out archery for the first time.  This program operates on a rotating 7 week schedule so new archer may join and tryout archery without the commitment of a continually running team. This program will offer archers of a younger age (those who do not yet meet age requirements for S3DA or JOAD) the chance to begin honing their skills and training with positive mentorship opportunities as they look up to older teammates.  By going through this program, when they are old enough to begin competing in S3DA and USA Archery they will already have begun training and will have basic skills already in place. They will have a much more relaxed schedule, and will be allowed to compete in local archery club competitions for fun, family support, and individual confidence-building.


Adult Archer Program

We are also in the process of developing our adult archer program. We encourage our parents to also participate in fun shoots that we go to with club members. We offer private lessons for adults that would like to learn archery for the first time, or who would like to get more tips and advice if they are already experienced/advanced archers.

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