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About our Team

At Point-On Archery, we work to get youth involved in both indoor and outdoor activities year round. Archery is an individual team sport that not only encourages competition and discipline on a personal level, but also encourages teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Our team strives for excellence on and off the course.  We look forward to competing on the National level for Indoor from January until March, and we're training hard for the start of Outdoor Target and 3-D seasons. coming in the spring!

As the first S3DA archery club established in South Carolina, Point-On Archery is filled with dedicated student athletes that are able to cope with issues beyond their control (Covid-19). We have seen them rise to the challenge and thrive as our sport has grown dramatically since the beginning of the worldwide pandemic.  Our team members reach out to one another with support and mentoring, cheering each others' success and striving to consistently improve on their personal best.

At the Conclusion of our 2022 season Point-On has come away with another stellar year! Podium after Podium finish at the state level with dozens of metals earned from our youngest member to our oldest!


At the National level our archers were able to claim 2 silver and 3 bronze metals at JOAD Nationals in Decatur, Alabama! While Lucas Hosken and Gillis Pipgras represented so well earning 3 Bronze at S3DA National events! 2 at 3D Nationals and 1 at Outdoor Target Nationals!


We have enjoyed an amazing ride through 2022 and are Excited for 2023!  


Team Highlights

Weekly team practices held at:

3485 Harmony Rd

Catawba, SC 29704

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