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2021 3D Season Coach Chris

Hello everyone, Indoor Season is wrapping up and 3D Season is upon us with our first 3D Regional on March 13th. I would first like to congratulate you on a great Indoor Season and I will be putting posts up periodically to help guide you through the 3D season.

Remember that 3D shoots will be outside in the woods, so you must be prepared for that. 3D is a lot of fun but there are things you need to be prepared for as it is not a controlled environment like indoor. Shoots are also rain or shine, so you must be prepared for inclement weather as well as hot days and cold days.

Essentials your student will need for success this 3D Season:

  • Boots-waterproof

  • Bug Spray/ Thermacell

  • Sun Screen

  • water bottle

  • snacks

  • rain gear/ rain jacket, umbrella

  • pen- for scoring

  • small hand towel- drying equipment.

  • bow stand

  • Allen Wrench set- Compound shooters

Recommended equipment for your student to succeed.

  • Binoculars

  • Range Finder

  • Archery/Hunting Chair

  • Muck Boots

  • mini clip Board- for score cards

Please look at the schedule on the webpage to see the 3D schedule for both S3DA and local shoots that we will be attending. We recommend that all students try and attend some of the local shoots as we use them as extra practice to prepare for tournaments. We will be working on practicing for 3D during practices at the farm.

We will be scheduling workshops to help teach the students necessary skills that are needed for bow maintenance and troubleshooting. We will be announcing these workshops and more details in the coming future.

Coach Chris

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