During our regular practices at the farm we work on form, skills, scoring, and drills.  (And take it from us, you may never see a bunch of school-aged kids get so excited over math as they do when there's a target to be scored.)


We try to be outside for practice as much as possible as that is the most enjoyable place to practice archery. The fresh air enables us to have healthy team interactions even though many other contact and indoor sports have been unable to meet during the past year.

We are working on getting an indoor facility that can be used during inclement weather and during the winter when the days are shorter. Details on this effort are still underway but we are excited for what this will mean for our team and the year-round archery season.

Training Facilities

Unlike most sports and activities, we do not have a set facility to practice in. While our primary practice location is at Penny Family Farm in Catawba, SC, we like to move our practice venue occasionally. This allows more of a challenge for the archers as they learn to acclimate to different course surroundings, much in the same way that musicians learn to adjust to different acoustic spaces and perform well out of their comfort zones.

We have secured land nearby to build our own 3d course, but we also travel to support local 3D clubs by training during the weekly local 3D club shoots.


We have been blessed with the support of Fort Mill Bow Hunter Club in Fort Mill, SC and have at times held practice there.