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3D Nationals Summary / Upcoming Events

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to congratulate all of our shooters who went to London Kentucky to compete in the national tournament! It was, for a few of our students, their first national tournament. Your first national tournament is a big step for any athlete/competitor. We all placed well at the tournament and I am proud of how my teammates represented POA on the course. I encourage all of my teammates that participated in this year's 3D nationals to reflect on their performance. Did you shoot as well as you wanted to? What can you do to shoot better next year? These are important questions to ask yourself. Big tests of character, ability, and training help us learn more about ourselves and our ability to perform under the pressures of a big competition. Prepare before, do your best once you're there, and learn from the results.

This Saturday, POA will be competing in a Field archery tournament in Greer, South Carolina. We have addressed this for the past two practices. I am confident everyone attending will perform spectacularly. It would do everyone a great service if they practiced beforehand. We only have two days, but there are a few things you can focus on that will help. Two tools in particular strike me as useful when I think about relatively long distance and consistent shooting:

String Bows - use them to perfect your releasing. Having a calm and steady release with good follow through can be the make or break point for every one of your shots.

Stretch Bands - use them to stretch your arms and upper back. You're going to be shooting 72 arrows at this competition - that requires maximum endurance from any archer. Making 72 well placed shots is a tall order. That being said, I think all of our shooters will be able to fit that bill and exceed expectations. Good luck to everyone from POA who will be attending!!!

POA will also be in Foley for the ASA tournament starting on August the 27th-29th. I will not be there as I am having knee surgery on the 25th; however, I am very proud of all of our dedicated archers that will be going to compete. You got this, good luck!!

Strive to be Point-On,

Malachi Sewell

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