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Fun in Foley

Hey POA! We had so much fun in Foley this past weekend. Dani, Lukas, Johanna and her parents, Coaches Chris and Jonas (AKA dad), and myself went to the ASA national tournament in Foley Alabama. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to shoot due to a recent surgery; however, I had a blast watching my teammates shoot this tournament (great job guys!).

Everyone had fun shooting, and you all did great on the course! I also got the unique opportunity to watch my coaches compete in a national tournament (it’s really cool seeing the people who teach you and take the time to help you become better put their own skills to the test and have fun shooting - great job Coach Chris and dad!). I think that we all improved (in skill and experience) greatly.

Going to big competitions like this one is a huge thing for aspiring athletes - it puts pressure on their shoulders to do their best and to work hard to achieve goals they set, as well as to make new ones imposed by the results of the finish. It is also very special to be with so many archers from other teams and places around the country - all there to shoot and be part of the archery world. It really puts into perspective the number of people who compete in this amazing activity with us and how; although, we all have different places of origin, archery can bring us together.

The benefit that archers take away from an experience like this is incomparable. It really brings out your abilities and tests them against some of the best archers in the nation. I can't wait to go back and shoot next year!

Strive to be Point-On,


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