Where: Jeffery Archery, 3129 Bluff Rd Columbia, SCWhen: Dec 4th at 8AM Format2 ends of practice 20 ends of 3 arrows scoredTargets will be flipped after 10 ends. Ends will be timed. (2 minutes for 3 arrows) arrows released after timer buzzes will not be scored. Do not touch arrows before they are called and scored. Compound 40cm 3 spotRecurve 40cm 1 spot or 40cm 3 spot archers choiceThere will be an official to finalize any disputes over arrow calls. The official’s decision is final. Archers may miss 2 scored ends in the case of equipment failure. Arrows missed will be made up at the end of the round.  Scoring will be done in Lancaster classic style. X is scored as a 11, then 10,9,8,7,6.Any ties will be broken by 11’s, then 10’s, then 9’s, then 8’s. If still tied there will be a 1 arrow shoot off closest to center. If both arrows score an 11, there will be a second arrow until only (1) 11 is scored or both are out of the X. We will have 2 divisions: Recurve and Compound. Shoot what you bring. Recurve: any single string bow without wheels or cams. Compounds: any bow with more than 1 string with wheels and/or cams. We will have 2 age classes: 11 and under or 12 and up. 11 and under class will shoot at 10yds. All other ages will be 20yds. Line times will be 8am, 12:30am and 4:30pm There will be 24 lane spots available for 8 and 12:30 line time. 4:30 line time will only open if first 2 fill a