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Where: Jeffery Archery, 3129 Bluff Rd Columbia, SC

When: Dec 9th at 

2 line times 9am and 1pm

Format: Lancaster Classic Qualification Rules (See below) Special exceptions for this tournament are in red.

Classes: Recurve and Compound. 

Recurve: any single string bow without wheels or cams.

Compounds: any bow with wheels and/or cams.

Arrows: Archers must use a manufacturer produced arrow shaft no larger than size 2712 (10.7 mm, .422” diameter) with the exception of the Barebow division which is following a max arrow diameter size of 9.3mm

Age divisions: 11 and under or 12 and up. (age of archer on Dec 9th 2023)

11 and under-  shoot at 10yds.

12 and up- shoot at 18m.

Line times: 9am, or 1pm 

There will be 24 spots available per line time.

If both lines times fill we will consider adding a single afternoon line time.

First come first serve.

Cost: $30 Entry fee 

Archer's will be entered into door prize raffle 1 time with entry. Additional entries are available 1 for $5 or 5 for $20.

Final prize will be 50% of additional tickets purchased amount also known as 50/50 raffle. If you would like to buy tickets ahead of time please contact a Point-On Archer.  


Lancaster Classic Qualification Rules

4.1   60 arrows from 18m at a 40cm target face w/ inner X's scored as 11's; Maximum possible score of 660

4.2   All  archers will have a choice between either a 40cm 3-Spot triangle target face or a 40cm Single Spot full target face (Compounds will have choice of single or 3 spot for this tournament.)

4.2a   Archers are required to replace their target face at the judge’s discretion; target faces may not be altered or repaired. (No mandatory target face change after 5 ends. New faces will be available if needed after the 10th end.)

4.3   Qualification Rounds will have 2 ends of official practice before scoring begins

4.4   Qualification Rounds will be timed