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Where: Jeffery Archery, 3129 Bluff Rd Columbia, SC

When: Dec 9th at 

2 line times 9am and 1pm

Format: Lancaster Classic Qualification Rules (See below) Special exceptions for this tournament are in red.

Classes: Recurve and Compound. 

Recurve: any single string bow without wheels or cams.

Compounds: any bow with wheels and/or cams.

Arrows: Archers must use a manufacturer produced arrow shaft no larger than size 2712 (10.7 mm, .422” diameter) with the exception of the Barebow division which is following a max arrow diameter size of 9.3mm

Age divisions: 11 and under or 12 and up. (age of archer on Dec 9th 2023)

11 and under-  shoot at 10yds.

12 and up- shoot at 18m.

Line times: 9am, or 1pm 

There will be 24 spots available per line time.

If both lines times fill we will consider adding a single afternoon line time.

First come first serve.

Cost: $30 Entry fee 

Archer's will be entered into door prize raffle 1 time with entry. Additional entries are available 1 for $5 or 5 for $20.

Final prize will be 50% of additional tickets purchased amount also known as 50/50 raffle. If you would like to buy tickets ahead of time please contact a Point-On Archer.  


Lancaster Classic Qualification Rules

4.1   60 arrows from 18m at a 40cm target face w/ inner X's scored as 11's; Maximum possible score of 660

4.2   All  archers will have a choice between either a 40cm 3-Spot triangle target face or a 40cm Single Spot full target face (Compounds will have choice of single or 3 spot for this tournament.)

4.2a   Archers are required to replace their target face at the judge’s discretion; target faces may not be altered or repaired. (No mandatory target face change after 5 ends. New faces will be available if needed after the 10th end.)

4.3   Qualification Rounds will have 2 ends of official practice before scoring begins

4.4   Qualification Rounds will be timed at 2 minutes (120 seconds) for 3 shots

4.4a  Archers will switch shooting order and target placement at the half (10 scoring ends), top targets will move to the bottom and bottom targets will move to the top

4.4b  Archers in CD position will shoot first throughout the qualification rounds.  This improvement will provide best lighting options for all archers (bottom always shoots first)

4.5    Procedures regarding arrows shot out of time:

4.5a  For archers shooting a single spot target face, a shot released before the start signal or after the stop signal closing an end will result in the archer losing their highest scoring arrow of that end

4.5b  For archers shooting a three spot target face, a shot released before the start signal or after the stop signal closing an end will result in the archer losing that arrow of that end (ref. rule 4.7b)

4.5c  If an archer shoots more than the designated amount of arrows in an end, they will lose their highest scoring arrows and the lowest three scoring arrows will be recorded

4.5d  Arrows traveling entirely past the 3-meter dead arrow line cannot be re-shot and will be scored as a miss

4.6   Double scoring will be utilized, with both a tablet and paper scorecard, arrow calls are made by the majority of the group

4.6a  Scorecard must be carefully totaled and signed before being turned in as the final scorecard.  Electronic scoring is unofficial

4.7   Do not touch any arrow or target face until all arrow values have been called and recorded accurately

4.7a   Archer may request a Judge if he/she disagrees with the group call; Judges ruling is final

4.7b   Archer must number (1, 2, 3) each spot on their target; Arrows will be shot and recorded in this order

4.7c   Single Spot targets will be scored in order of lowest scoring arrow to highest for Barebow and Recurve archers

4.8   Ties are broken first based on score, then on # of 11’s, # of 10’s, then finally with 1st arrow out of highest scoring ring

4.8a  1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th arrows missing the 11 ring will be used to break ties with the archer shooting clean w/ 11’s the longest, wins

4.9   Witnessed bounce outs or witnessed physical interference by another archer will be re-shot

4.10  Archer may miss up to 2 ends during their Qualification Round for equipment failures; arrows will be made up at the judge’s discretion during the same qualification round

4.11  Archers must use the target pins that are supplied at the targets.

Point-On Classic 2023 1pm line

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