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Quarantine Training Program

Good Morning Everybody!

I hope everyone is doing well and feeling good. I know that by this point most of you are climbing the walls and ready to go crazy without school to go to and work or other people's houses. I know not having fun things to do with other people isn't what you want. I am grateful you are all still healthy during this time of national illness.

So here is our plan. For the next 12 weeks, we will be looking at John Dudley's School of Nock. He is the founder of Nock On TV and Nock On Nation. As a former US Olympian, John has dedicated his life to archery and sharing knowledge to the masses. He is also a very cool fella who also has plenty of fun stories on his Nock On podcast.

I would like for you to watch the videos and participate online. We can watch each other grow! I would like to see you post videos or pictures of your shooting and your shots to show how you are working through the process. I would also appreciate it if you #nockontv if you post pictures to your Instagram. John Dudley himself monitors that hashtag and may give you a personal critique of your form and suggestions for improvement if you do so. Also, I will be awarding the shooter who participates the most with a gift card.

Coach Jonas

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